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4 Simple Immediate Recovery Techniques for Shoulder Resurfacing Patients

Whether you’ve had shoulder resurfacing surgery due to arthritis or injury, are old or young, physically fit or getting by, these shoulder exercises will bring your range of motion to full swing in no time.

The purpose of shoulder resurfacing with Dr. Kovack is to give your shoulder the range of motion that is currently lacking. The surgery can only give you the start you need to begin with fresh mobility. Just as if you were an infant developing your shoulder joint, muscles and tendons, you must use your shoulder to train it. Through these exercises and stretches, you will increase your range of motion, increase flexibility such as reaching above your head and backwards, as well as learn about safe ways to rehabilitate without re-injury.

Begin these exercises after your arm has been released from the sling!

4. Let Your Arm Swing Naturally
After being in a sling for a while, your elbow will be just as stiff as your shoulder. Don’t be afraid to stretch that out by pretending to wipe crumbs off of the front of your shirt.
Exercise: 30 repetitions
Frequency: 3x/Day

3. Strengthen Your Grip
Begin by making a tight fist and releasing. For an added challenge, grip a rubber ball such as a lacrosse ball or racquetball.
Exercise: 30 repetitions
Frequency: 3x/Day

2. Retract Your Scapula
Stand up straight. Move your shoulder blades together in a pinching motion to strengthen your back muscles around your shoulder. Release the pinch. This is one repetition.
Exercise: 30 repetitions
Frequency: 3x/Day

1. Arm Pendulum Circles
Bend at your waist and place your hand (the one opposite of your recovering side) on a table or chair for core support. Let your recovering side arm dangle naturally, perpendicular to the floor. Slowly make small circles with your arm, clockwise and counter.
Exercise: 30 repetitions
Frequency: 3x/Day

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