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Robotic Partial and Total Knee Replacement


With advancements in technology, it’s only natural that people in need of knee surgery should benefit. Robotic surgery is proving to be a viable, effective option for both partial and total knee replacement surgery.

Here at Advantage Orthopedics, Dr. Thomas Kovack is the knee specialist you’re looking for. Our practice specializes in shoulder surgeries, of course, but Dr. Kovack is also an expert when it comes to both elbow and knee surgeries. If you are needing a total knee replacement surgery, are looking for knee replacement alternatives, are interested in knee resurfacing, or are simply ready to meet with a knee specialist, contact us today in Columbus to discuss your options.


No, you’re not alone in a room with a robot at work on your knee. Your knee specialist will still be controlling all the work, but a robot will allow for greater dexterity. Robotic surgery is a newer technology performed with a small incision and is minimally invasive. Your knee surgeon will use a computer-controlled robot to assist during the operation.

In tight spaces of your body, it can be hard for a knee specialist to do much without long incisions. With the robot to help, your doctor will have greater dexterity and an improved view. A 3D camera provides a magnified view of the operating site, and the robot’s “hands” will work effectively within a smaller incision.


So when it comes to a partial or total knee replacement surgery, why should you choose a robotic surgery from your knee specialist? Many knee surgeries have been successful in the past and there are many knee replacement alternatives out there. However, robotic surgery offers some key benefits you’ll want from your knee surgery:

  • Reduced pain – Between smaller incisions and more precision, you’ll experience less pain both during and after surgery and will be less dependent on painkillers.
  • Smaller incisions – This leads to a lower risk of infection.
  • Minimal scarring – Because of the smaller incisions and quicker recovery, you’ll have reduced scarring over time.
  • Shorter hospital stay – Your time in the hospital won’t drastically affect your family, job, and more.
  • Improved accuracy – The robot ensures that each movement your knee specialist makes is precise, which will lead to replacing the damaged cartilage and bone and ensure minimal injury to surrounding tissues.
  • Fewer complications – When your partial or total knee replacement surgery is done with robotic methods, you’ll have fewer post-surgical complications.
  • Faster recovery – Your knee surgery should let you get back to living an active life — and that’s possible even sooner with robotic surgery!


Dr. Kovack is the knee specialist in Columbus that you’ve been looking for. He consistently works with patients to determine the best knee surgery or knee replacement alternative for their age, lifestyle, and wishes. Contact the us today to see if robotic surgery could be right for you.



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