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Biologic Rotator Cuff Repair Surgery? What's the hype?

Biologic Rotator Cuff Repair Surgery? What's the hype?

Rotator cuff tears are common and typically require surgical intervention to repair. However, despite improvements in surgical techniques, some rotator cuff tears fail to heal. Biologic rotator cuff repair is a cutting edge procedure that promotes optimal healing, and can significantly improve rotator cuff repair outcomes. 

Here at Advantage Orthopedics, board-certified orthopedic surgeon Thomas Joseph Kovack, DO, offers the most advanced shoulder repair techniques, including biologic rotator cuff repair

Traditional vs. biologic rotator cuff repair

While traditional shoulder repair techniques provide effective solutions, biologic enhancements in rotator cuff repair can further improve outcomes. Traditional rotator cuff repair involves reattaching the torn tendon to the bone using sutures and reinforcing the area with suture anchors. While effective, the recovery is often lengthy, and there is a risk of re-tears or incomplete healing. This is especially true for patients with large tears or poor tissue quality.

Biologic rotator cuff repair surgery incorporates innovative techniques that use biologically derived materials to enhance the healing process. This approach enhances healing and reduces the chance of future issues. 

CuffMend Dermal Allograft biologic enhancement

Biologic treatments in rotator cuff repair have significantly advanced with the introduction of the CuffMend™ Dermal Allograft technique. This approach utilizes biologically derived materials that support tissue regeneration and enhance the body’s natural healing processes. 

CuffMend™ Dermal Allograft is a specially prepared graft made from donated human skin tissue that has been processed to remove cells while preserving the underlying structure of the dermis. This structure provides a scaffold that promotes the integration of the body’s own cells, and supports the regeneration of healthy tissue. The allograft serves as a bridge that encourages new tissue growth across the damaged area. 

This is particularly beneficial in patients where the tendon tissue is degenerated, or where there is a large tear that might not heal as effectively with sutures alone.

Benefits of biologic rotator cuff repair

The use of CuffMend™ Dermal Allograft in rotator cuff repair offers several advantages. It helps to facilitate a more robust and durable tendon repair by reinforcing the weakened area with a supportive structure. 

Additionally, this approach can accelerate the healing process, reduce the risk of re-tears, and decrease inflammation, which contributes to a faster recovery and return to normal activities. Furthermore, biologic agents like CuffMend™ can reduce post-operative pain and swelling, improving the overall recovery experience.

Who can benefit?

Biologic rotator cuff repair is particularly beneficial for individuals who are at risk of poor healing or re-tears, including patients with large or complex tears, patients who have had previous shoulder surgeries, and older patients. It’s also an option for athletes and physically active individuals who wish to return to high levels of activity post-surgery.

Biologic rotator cuff repair represents a major advancement in orthopedic surgery. By harnessing the power of biologics to enhance the body’s natural healing abilities, this ground-breaking approach can help you heal and recover stronger. If you’re considering rotator cuff repair, find out if biologic rotator cuff repair is an option for you. Contact our Dublin, Ohio, office to request a consultation with Dr. Kovack today.

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